This is a partial list of the many sources used in my research.

All Downloadable dictionaries: (Note: this link works when copied and pasted)

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the American Language online:

“Blue Letter Bible,” – online concordances, lexicons, and dictionaries for scripture:

Etymology online:

More to come…

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  1. ReplyCraig
    The link to Mind Serpent redirects to a page on this site. I think the text is correct but the link coded into it may be wrong somehow.
    • ReplyAuthorMan Of Straw
      Will check it out, thanks.
      • Replyjeff
        as noted the link to mindserpent works by copying/pasting the displayed url. The embedded link is prefixed with ""...
  2. ReplyBob
    The link shown is correct, but when copied Clints website address is added to the front of www.mindserpent.... Simply edit and backspace from before www.mindserpent. Keep up the Great Works Clint!!