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Do you want to know what it is?

I have spent what seems a lifetime trying to see the invisible prison that constrains me. Little could I have known that it was merely a trick of legal words and images that enslaves the mind. A decade of research, writing, documentary film-making, and 100’s of radio shows later, this writing is a culmination of that labor of activism and love for my fellow man.

Throughout this process, I realized that I could not sell this work as a commercial “book,” that I did not want or need any license or permission to create or give away this product of my own labor, and that I will not allow it to be stolen by government through its word-trickery of copyright and patenting. To charge for this work would go against everything it stands for, and so I offer it as a gift to all who might desire to know why. This is a non-commercial work, and it will only be given as a gift. In return, I will only accept gifts from able givers, which will allow me to continue in this ultimate quest of life in knowledge. For those who have nothing to give, I will gladly send a free (pdf) digital copy. For those who have something to give that will cover my own costs, you will receive a physical copy of this work as a gift, which includes an index of terms (the .pdf has no index). This work in progress, when in its final presentation, should be considered as a reference work to the word-terms of the legal matrix that enslaves us all, and so the index will be essential. It combines the etymology of language, law, scripture, and artifice into something never before imagined or attempted.

The best description I can provide about this work is to have the reader imagine he or she was a cow, one of the peopled cattle on a farm, happily grazing your life away. Suddenly, one of the cows from a neighboring farm approaches your white-fenced pasture and hands you all the information about your life. It explains your purpose as cattle, employed as commodities for the farmer who covets only your milk, your meat, and your children’s potential for the same extortion. It explains the border, fragile as it is, and that it is only as strong as your belief in its sturdiness. It explains your strength, and how that strength is subdued through captivity of mind, body, and soul. And it explains the foreign language of the farmer, so that his designs can no longer entrap you into his servitude, for knowing the meaning of his terms of art allows you to stampede him into the dirt. This is the story of your mental enslavement, the story of your own commercial value.

You must learn the language of your master, for a man can only be enslaved by the words that contain his mind (beliefs) and his actions (works). And so, as it is said, no man may have two masters, we each must make a choice, a clear election. One through self-evident Truth may we become the master over man’s fiction, and only through ignorance are we a slave to its designs. We can not know the language of our legal oppressors without at the same time comparing that artful language with the Truth of Nature that will save us from it. We cannot know man’s law without understanding the intent of God’s Law (Word), the Law of Nature. Each are opposed to each other, as reality vs. fiction. This is the essence of this work – to tell the story of the cyphered dictionaries of man’s legalese and false law while at the same time deciphering (defining the correct but lost meanings of terms) of the scriptural story of the Natural, Highest Law. The law you choose to follow defines your choice of masters. God (the Reality of Nature) or the legal fiction of mammon (money).

To quote directly from my work:


“To read a story without knowing the meaning and origins of the words used to tell it is a futile effort, which is exactly what the power-brokers and controllers of church and state wish to see in its general population of goyim. The intent of any work can only be known by comprehension of the language and terms used at the time of the actual writing. And so I am left with the duel task of defining (deciphering) the storied words of the Bible and un-alphabetizing (ciphering) the un-storied words of the legal dictionaries. Both of these tools are needed to tell a proper story, for to read any story its words must be decipherable by having available their dictionary meanings and rules of use at hand. Intent is everything. To hide intent by hiding the meaning of terms is the ultimate deceit and the main tool of control of all corporate governments and licensed religious incorporations of the state.”


“Education is useless without the Bible.”

—Noah Webster


“The purpose of this work is to tell that story of the law of man (fiction), as confounding and twisted and downright evil as it is, as compared to that Law of scripture (Reality), by deciphering the alphabetical cipher and exposing each as it connects with the other. It is the intent of this author to tell you the story of the law that has never been told outside of the coded Order of the creators of this art of legalism. And so for the first time in our lives, we need not continue to use ignorance of either law as an excuse. And for the first time, the individual will stand in the position that he or she will be forced to make a choice, an election, based on knowledge. For to know the corruption of man’s law and still act under its legalistic authority is the penultimate sin.”



It is said that a Bible-reading people cannot be enslaved. And therein lies the problem. No matter how we may try, we cannot read the original intention of the Bible, for its ancient languages are lost to us, and we must suffer the translations of kings and nations. What use is the Bible Law if the words cannot be comprehended nor under-stood? What use is a parable if it is taken literally and personally? The truth of these two stories of law are so very different and so very much in opposition to each other. And that’s the point. And so if you want to hear, for the first time, the story of the legal law, and also to hear, perhaps for the first time, a deciphered Bible story, I invite you to take this journey with me.

The only questions I have for you are these: Do you want to know? Will you sacrifice yourself to the Truth?

Only men (male and female) may live in Nature, in the Real world, under the Law of Nature.

Only strawmen may falsely exist in the legal matrix, by being voluntarily plugged-in to the legal persona (status) of the legal machine.

You are being treated as live-stock. Human capital. Goyim.

There is no truth stranger than the legal fiction we live under today.

And this Reality is really gonna piss you off…